We handle only alcohol-drug related revocations.

Our Experience

35 years alcohol-drug evaluations and treatment, DUI, reinstating of revoked driver's licenses.  Currently DASA/State licensed since 1982.

Our Approach

We do alcohol-drug evaluations needed for any purpose, including DUI, however our focus is helping drivers reinstate revoked licenses.  Our own Donna Schmidt-Baer is an Illinois State Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor with 32 years experience in the field, doing evaluations, treatment, supervision, and for the last 10 years specializing and focusing on license reinstatement.  Donna's approach is professional, patient, and compassionate.  She honestly explains how reinstatement is easier than what most revoked drivers hear and believe. Important at State hearings, her documents are found meticulously written with overall  consistency.   

Why Us?

We are confident no one in Illinois is better at reinstatement work than Donna.  Her knowledge, experience, and skills are superior to most others, so clients must choose carefully.  Typically only one trip to our office is all that is needed.  For Spanish speaking drivers, for an additional fee we provide a Spanish interpreter (A un costo adicional ofrecemos unintérprete  

en español).